Sunday, July 17, 2011

First of all, I'd like to thank you for finding your way to the bottom of the pothole on the information superhighway I'll be calling home. You may be asking yourself "what the fuck is a Miramichi?". Well, first of all it's a river in northern New Brunswick, Canada. The mightiest of rivers in fact. Sure the Mississippi may be longer, but it's what you do with that river, am I right ladies?! Anyway, more than that it's the area surrounding said river, a way of life, and where one Brucifer D. Parks (that'd be me) was born. It was also home to one of this country's grizzliest serial killers, Allan Legere. They called him "The Madman of the Miramichi". I may call Hellifax, Nova Scotia home today, but I remember the Miramichi and it's original Madman well. They cancelled Hallowe'en because of him. And for that, I'm taking the motherfucking name back.

Here you'll find my musings on all things rock 'n' roll, from updates on my musical endeavors, to album reviews to, well, who knows. So sit back and enjoy the read.